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Government of Bangladesh issues passport to its citizen for traveling abroad. The Department of Immigration and Passports issues passport on demand. Ministry of Home Affairs administers the passport issuing. In general, the duration of validity of passport is 10 years. However the validity of the passport for the minor citizen (less than 5 years) is 5 years. Passport issue and related activities are governed by the Bangladesh Passport Order, 1973, and the Bangladesh Passport Rules, 1974.

There are three types of passports in Bangladesh issued by the authority. These are – a) International Passport for traveling to any foreign country, b) Special Passport for travel to India only, and c) Diplomatic Passport. One person can apply for the passport with a properly filled up passport application form, and 2 copies of passport sized and one stamp sized photo with usual fee . People have to fill up application form properly and it requires to be attested by an authorized person. The issuing period depends on the applicant's urgency. The applicant may apply for very urgent (requires 72 hours), urgent (requires 11 to 21 days), general (requires 21 to 30 days) or special passport depending on his/her need.

The passport form is available in free of cost in all regional passport offices and some of the deputy commissioners' offices in Bangladesh and foreign missions abroad. It can also be downloaded form the website of the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Department of Immigration and Passports. The passport offices have one-stop desks to handle with passport modifications or corrections. One can update any information in the passport within a day also. 

In the mean time GOB has introduced Machine Readable Passport (MRP) as per guideline of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). It will take the nation a step forward on the way to digital Bangladesh.

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