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The Bangladesh Police is the main law enforcement agency of Bangladesh to provide service to all citizens and make Bangladesh a better and safer place to live and work. It also uphold the rule of law, ensures safety and security of citizens, prevents and detect crime, brings offenders to justice and maintains peace and public order. It is administered by the central interior ministry of the Government of Bangladesh. Outside the Dhaka capital region and other major cities, police is organised at the district and thana levels. Raised in 1976, the Dhaka Metropolitan Police is charged with maintaining security and order in the national capital and largest city. Twelve female police officials were recruited for the Bangladesh Police Special Branch (SB)  in 1974 and inducted in the Dhaka Metropolitan Police in 1978. In 2004, Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) were raised comprising of personnel of the Military of BangladeshBorder Guard Bangladesh (BGB) and the Bangladesh Ansar and VDP. The Bangladesh Police Special Branch was established to assist in maintaining national security and also performs the functions of intelligence-gathering and counterintelligence. In 2008, Bangladesh police established the Special Women Police Contingent (SWPC) to fight prostitution,drug smuggling and human trafficking. Composing entirely of female officers, the SWPC would be used to gather intelligence on criminal activities and specifically track down female criminals.


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