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Driving License

Driving License



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Bangladesh Roads Transport Authority (BRTA) is a regulatory body that controls, manages and ensures discipline in the road transport sector and road safety related areas in Bangladesh. It works under the Ministry of Communication for carrying out the purposes mentioned in the Motor Vehicle Ordinance, 1983. To obtain a driving license one should hold a learner driving license before appearing the driving test. Minimum 18 years for non-professional and 20 years for professional are required to submit application form for driving license [Section 04 of MV Ordinance 1983]. Besides this, a person needs to apply for Fitness Certificate, Vehicle Registration, and Route Permit under BRTA.

BRTA is conducting regular activities like: Issuing driving license, fitness certificates, registration certificates and Driving Instructor's license. It is also organizing and conducting workshop Seminars for delivering information regarding safe driving and traffic regulations to reduce unexpected road accidents. BRTA is also responsible for designing and maintaining public transport route plan in the cities. It issues route permits for different class of vehicles in different terms according to specific regulations.

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